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Waste 2 Resources Program


Washington State has a system of waste management that relies on partnerships among state and local governments and the private sector. State law requires Ecology to develop regulations for solid waste handling and disposal facilities, and a state plan. Local governments are required to develop local plans that align with the state plan and address their needs for managing waste.

To carry out this work, we engage our stakeholders and the public in developing regulations — the steps that must be taken to stay in compliance with the law. Regulations and permits provide certainty and fairness to businesses. They spell out what needs to be done, and when, to comply with law. Data collection and reporting helps track trends, measure progress and guide future policy directions.

Major industries in the state, such as pulp and paper, aluminum smelting, and oil refining have the potential to be major polluters of the environment. Ecology provides a single point of contact for environmental permitting, compliance, and technical assistance to ensure their activities reduce negative effects on air, land, and water.

Annual Solid Waste Report - issues facing Washington state, partnering for the environment, litter prevention and cleanup, waste generation, disposal, and recycling, and moderate risk waste management

Industrial Facilities - Ecology's industrial section regulates and issues environmental permits for aluminum smelters, oil refineries, and pulp and paper mills

Local Planning - local comprehensive solid waste management plans detail and inventory all existing solid waste handling facilities and provide an estimate of long-range needs

Financing Solid Waste for the Future - reports on solid waste financing in Washington

Solid Waste Facilities - facility types, permitting, exemptions, regulations, data, and more

Solid Waste and Recycling Data - more than 10 years of waste generation, recycling/diversion and disposal data

Rules Under Development - Waste 2 Resources regulations currently being written or updated

Rules Archive - previous Waste 2 Resources rule-making activities

Solid Waste Facility and Annual Report Forms - permit applications, annual report forms, notification forms, and more

Permitting Process - solid waste permitting types, process, exemptions, and deferrals

Transporters of Recyclable Materials - the recycling enforcement & accountability act requires transporters of recyclable materials to register with ecology

Beneficial Use Determination - apply for statewide relief from solid waste permit requirements for waste used as a substitute feedstock or soil amendment

Waste 2 Resources Advisory Committee - meeting schedule, notes, and agendas

Incinerator and Landfill Inspector Certification - obtain certification if you are an inspector

Incinerator and Landfill Operator Certification - obtain certification if you are an operator