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Waste 2 Resources Program


Organic materials management includes composting and many other energy recovery technologies. "Organics" refers to carbon-based materials that include forest slash, food, yard debris, manures, and other agricultural residues. Keeping organics out of landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing methane released during its decomposition. Turning organics into compost, bioenergy, biofuels and other products promotes economic vitality in growing industries, and protects the environment by turning waste into resources.

Organics - healthy soils, energy and nutrient recovery, waste prevention, food recovery, regulations, resources and more

Biosolids - frequently asked questions, permits, technical assistance, regulations, and public information on biosolids

Anaerobic Digesters - anaerobic digesters process organic materials, extracting energy in the form of biogas and producing by-products that can be land applied to improve soil health