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Solid Waste Handling Standards - Chapter 173-350 WAC

The Department of Ecology is conducting rule making on chapter 173-350 WAC. To see more details about what is included in this rule making and why we are doing the rule making please see the Pre-proposal Statement of Inquiry.

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Timeline of Rulemaking Activity

Date Action
November 5, 2013 CR-101 Filed - Announces the rule making
November 5, 2013 - ongoing Developing and preparing the rule proposal package for this rule making.
To Be Announced CR-102 Filed - Proposed rule text and supporting documents.
Beginning of public comment period.
To Be Announced Public hearing.
To Be Announced End of public comment period.
To Be Announced Reviewing comments and preparing the adoption package for this rule making.
To Be Announced Adopt, file, and publish the rule and send out Rule Adoption Notice.
To Be Announced Rule goes into effect (31 days after it has been adopted and filed.)
To Be Announced Other implementation dates if appropriate (e.g. first reports due)
Email Notices (ListServ). Ecology created an electronic mailing list to email information and notices to persons interested in this process. Ecology encourages interested persons to sign up.

Public Involvement
Comment Period and Public Hearings

At this early point in the rule-making process, comments are not being solicited, and no public hearings are scheduled. When the agency is soliciting comments, or meetings or hearings are scheduled, our pages will be updated with that information.

Ecology's response to your comments

All of the comments we receive will become part of the official record. We will publish responses to comments on the rule revision in a document called a Concise Explanatory Statement (CES). The CES is required by the Administrative Procedure Act (RCW 34.05) and is available after the rule is adopted. You will find your name listed in the document with a reference to where in the document Ecology responded to your comments.



Previous Rule Activity:
Rule Adoption (2013)

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Rule Coordinator
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