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Chapter 173-350 WAC
Solid Waste Handling Standards


Available documents for this rule making are linked below.

Ecology evaluated all comments received on the first preliminary draft of the rule (June 2016). Our response is linked below. Not all comments resulted in changes to the rule. In our response, we focused on comments that evolved as a significant concern for stakeholders, where clarification of the agency’s intent was needed, and where significant changes to the rule would affect the way it might be interpreted or implemented. Ecology is preparing a response to comments received on the second draft of the rule (December 2016). The response will be posted when available, and stakeholders will be notified.

Response to Comments on First Preliminary Draft Rule

Release of Second Preliminary Draft Rule – December, 2017

To make chapter 173-350 WAC more manageable for review, it was broken into several different documents. This should make finding a particular section easier. Each document is available as a pdf or as a Microsoft Word document. If using the Word version, you will be able to use the “review” settings to either see all the tracked changes, or to view the document in a clean (“no markup”) version. If you use the pdf version, you will see all the changes as either underline (additions) or strike-out (deletions).

The sections were broken up into documents as follows:

Part One: 010 Purpose, -020 Applicability, -021 Determination of solid waste, -025 Owner responsibilities for solid waste, -030 Effective dates, -040 Performance standards, -100 Definitions, and -200 Beneficial use permit exemptions.
(Microsoft Word Format   PDF Format)

Part Two: 210 Recycling and material recovery facilities, -220 Composting facilities, -225 Other organic material handling activities, -230 Land application, -240 Energy recovery and incineration facilities, -250 Anaerobic digesters, and -300 On-site storage, collection and transportation standards.
(Microsoft Word Format   PDF Format)

Part Three: 310 Transfer stations and drop box facilities, -320 Piles used for storage or treatment, -330 Surface impoundments and tanks, -350 Waste tire storage, -355 Waste tire transportation, and -360 Moderate risk waste handling.
(Microsoft Word Format   PDF Format)

Part Four: 400 Limited purpose landfills, -410 Inert waste landfills, and -490 Other methods of solid waste handling.
(Microsoft Word Format   PDF Format)

Part Five: 500 Groundwater monitoring, -600 Financial assurance requirements, -700 Permits and local ordinances, -710 Permit application and issuance, -715 General permit application requirements, -900 Remedial action, and -995 Soil and sediment use criteria.
(Microsoft Word Format   PDF Format)

Rule Proposal  -  November 5, 2013

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