Chapter 173-351 WAC
Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Public Involvement


Ecology filed notice of intended rulemaking activity with the Office of the Code Reviser on March 9, 2015. A public comment period opened with filing of a notice of rulemaking on July 16, 2015. A public meeting and hearing was advertised and held on August 25, 2015. The comment period closed on September 8, 2015. Ecology received no comments on this rulemaking, and no one attended the public meeting or hearing. This rulemaking was very limited in scope, incorporating two new chemicals for monitoring at landfills required to perform assessment monitoring, in order to meet existing federal program requirements. Questions and inquiries should be directed to Kyle Dorsey, Rules and Policy Specialist; by e-mail to or phone 360-407-6559.

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Kyle Dorsey,


If you are interested in this rulemaking activity please subscribe to Ecology's Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills ListServ.