Data Submittal Requirements for All Cleanup Sites

Toxics Cleanup Program Policy (as of March 2008)

Environmental sampling data for all cleanup sites must be submitted both in printed form AND in an electronic form capable of being transferred into Ecology's data management system, consistent with procedures specified by Ecology.  The legal basis for this requirement is established in WAC 173-340-840(5).

Policy 840 directs Ecology staff to take certain actions to implement the data submittal requirements.

Data Format

Use EIM Format for Cleanup Sites

Sampling data must be submitted in EIM (Environmental Information Management) system format.  The EIM system is Ecology’s main repository for electronic environmental monitoring data. It is intended to provide an accessible means by which to examine and evaluate environmental monitoring data. The EIM system now includes a robust toolset to allow internal staff, contractors, and citizens to search for data either via a map interface, or for a specific study or result set. 

For detailed data submittal instructions, please see:  EIM Data Submittal Information

Use EIM Format for All Sediment Data

You must follow the Sediment Related EIM Data Entry Business Rules in Subappendix E of Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan Appendix, revised February 2008 when entering data in EIM format. You can find all EIM electronic data templates, data dictionary and data entry help documents at EIM Data Submittal Information and data submittal help documents through EIM Environmental Information Management System.

Please direct Sediment Data Submittal questions to: Erica Fot