MTCA Policy Advisory Committee

Final Report of the Model Toxics Control Act Policy Advisory Committee -- December 15, 1996


In 1995, the Legislature tasked Ecology with establishing a Policy Advisory Committee to study and re-evaluate how the state Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) is working. The goal of the committee is to review how MTCA is carried out, and provide any advice to the Legislature and Ecology on any administrative or legislative actions that could make the process more effective. The committee consists of twenty-two members with designated alternates representing a wide range of interests from public and private sectors as specified by the legislation. By December 15, 1995, the committee will submit a preliminary report to the legislature identifying the questions and issues the committee will address, including a plan for allowing other interested parties to comment. At a minimum the committee will make recommendations on the following subjects:

The committee is also charged with evaluating alternative methods of carrying out the requirements of the MTCA to accomplish faster, less-expensive, and equally protective cleanups at complex sites. To do this, the committee has selected two pilot sites to study: the L-Bar Products site in Chewelah; and the Yakima Valley Spray site in Yakima. Information the committee acquires from studying the pilot sites and from other sources will be included in a final report to both Ecology and the Legislature by December 1996.

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