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Cleanup Guide for Homeowners and Small Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions - Steps for Finding Answers

If you've just discovered or suspect contamination from toxic wastes on your property, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  No doubt, you have many questions in mind.  Please see below for some common questions and answers.

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Step 1:  Gather Preliminary Information (Research)

Initially, you'll need to gather just enough information to get a sense of what you are dealing with (a more detailed assessment comes later).  You'll also need to find out the minimum information needed to report the Problem.

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Step 2:  Report the Problem

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Step 3:  Assess Your Situation & Evaluate Options

In most cases, you'll need still more information before you can decide what needs to be done and how to proceed.  You'll want to explore available options and the costs and benefits associated with each.

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Step 4:  Get the Cleanup Work Done



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