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Toxics Cleanup Program

Checklists and Template for Plans and Reports  NEW!  

Ecology’s Toxics Cleanup Program (TCP) has developed new checklists and a suggested template to help you prepare remedial action plans and reports. They are meant to:

  • Clarify Ecology’s expectations about what needs to be included in the documents.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of the documents.
  • Expedite our review of the documents.


Checklists have been developed for the following remedial action reports and plans. The checklists are intended to be broadly applicable to sites with varying degrees of complexity. The checklists should be used at all sites, whether they are cleaned up independently or under Ecology supervision.

Suggested Template

A suggested template has been developed for Remedial Investigation reports. The template mirrors the corresponding checklist and provides more information, with suggestions and links to existing guidance materials. We encourage you to use the template, but it is not required.

Voluntary Cleanup Program

Starting June 1, 2016, independent remedial action plans and reports submitted for Ecology review under the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) need to include the information specified in the applicable checklist. Due to overwhelming demand for staff services under the VCP, Ecology will not accept a plan or report for review until it is complete. If a plan or report is incomplete, Ecology will notify you in writing within 90 days and identify deficiencies using the applicable checklist.


Do you like the checklists and template? Do you think they could be improved? We want your feedback! Email with any comments.