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MTCA Model Remedies

The Department of Ecology (Ecology) is undertaking a multi-year process to develop a series of guidance documents regarding model remedies. In 2013, the Washington Legislature made significant changes to the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). One of the new provisions provides additional direction to Ecology regarding the establishment of standardized cleanup methods called “Model Remedies.”

The MTCA statute defines model remedies to be “a set of technologies, procedures, and monitoring protocols identified by Ecology for use in routine types of clean-up projects at facilities that have common features and lower risk to human health and the environment.”

Several external meetings have been held to provide comments and feedback on the process for developing model remedies.

What is the purpose of developing model remedies?

Model remedies are intended to streamline and accelerate the selection of cleanup actions that protect human health and the environment, with a preference for permanent solutions to the maximum extent practical.

Model Remedies guidance being revised in late 2017

In August 2017, we revised our two Model Remedies guidance documents for soils and groundwater, and distributed them for public comment.  During September 2017, we held listening sessions and received public comments on the draft revisions.  We’re currently using that feedback to update both guidance documents.  Watch for their release by end of 2017.

What is the status of guidance development?

In January 2017, Ecology published a progress report titled, “Status of Developing Model Remedies: 2016 Report to the Governor and Legislature,” (publication no. 16-09-054).  The report was produced according to requirements outlined in RCW 70.105D.030(4) and describes:

  • How MTCA and model remedies facilitate contamination cleanups in Washington;
  • Which model remedies were used before 2013 and the new ones developed since then;
  • How Ecology engaged the public in the development process;
  • Opportunities to use model remedies in the future; and
  • Ecology’s next steps.

How can I stay informed about this guidance development effort?

Email Mark Gordon at marg461@ecy.wa.gov with a request to be added to the model remedies email distribution list.  Include “Email Distribution List” in the subject line.

For additional information contact:

Mark E. Gordon, P.E.
Department of Ecology – Toxics Cleanup Program
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA  98504-7600