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Toxics Cleanup Program

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Policies & Guidance

  • Policies, Procedures, and Technical Memorandum

  • Provides links to Ecology’s policies, procedures, and technical memorandum related to the implementation of the laws and rules governing the cleanup of contaminated sites.

  • Checklists and Template for Remedial Action Plans and Reports - NEW!

    Provides links to checklists and suggested templates that you can use to prepare remedial action plans and reports under MTCA.

  • Model Remedies

    Provides information about and links to model remedies that Ecology has developed or is developing. Model remedies are intended to streamline and accelerate the selection of cleanup actions at contaminated sites under MTCA.

  • Empirical Demonstrations

    Provides information and guidance on the use of empirical data under MTCA to demonstrate that soil concentrations measured at a contaminated site have not caused, and will not cause, an exceedance of the applicable groundwater cleanup levels.

  • Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation Process

    Provides an interactive guide to the terrestrial ecological evaluation process under MTCA. The evaluation is used to determine whether hazardous substances may harm the plants or animals at a contaminated site and to establish protective soil cleanup standards.

  • Vapor Intrusion Guidance

    Provides links to Ecology’s 2009 Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance, EPA’s latest guidance documents published in 2015, and Ecology’s vapor intrusion screening levels updated in April 2015.

  • Sediment Cleanup

    Provides links to the rules and guidance governing the cleanup of contaminated sediment under MTCA, regional background studies of sediment, and more.

  • Petroleum Cleanup

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