Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation Process - Exclusion #1

Contaminant Analysis     

The analysis requires the user to determine the present location of the hazardous substance(s) in the soil and any planned future land uses that may affect the location of those substances.  


No further ecological evaluation is required if all soil contaminated with hazardous substances is, or will be, located below the point of compliance

  If the demonstration is based on planned future land use, then a completion date for such future development that is acceptable to the department is required. And if land-use assumptions used in the TEE are not accomplished by that completion date, the site must be reevaluated using existing land-use conditions.

  If the demonstration is based on a conditional point of compliance, then an institutional control is required to prevent exposure caused by excavation of deeper soil.

The requirements and procedures for establishing a point of compliance are specified in WAC 173-340-490(4).

The requirements and procedures for establishing institutional controls are specified in WAC 173-340-440.

  A PDF form is available for documenting your decision-making.

Here you may view an HTML version of the form


If all soil contamination is, or will be, located below the point of compliance (the biologically active zone), then the soil contamination is not likely to pose a threat to terrestrial ecological receptors because the receptors are not likely to be exposed to the contamination.


WAC 173-340-7491(1)(a)

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