Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation Process - Primary Exclusions 

Documentation Form -  [PDF Version] 

If any of these exclusions apply to your site, you may end your ecological evaluation.

Exclusion #

Exclusion Detail

Yes or No? 

Are Institutional 
Controls Required If The Exclusion Applies?


Will soil contamination be located at least 6 feet beneath the ground surface and less than 15 feet? Yes / No


Will soil contamination located at least 15 feet beneath the ground surface? Yes / No


Will soil contamination located below the conditional point of compliance?

Yes / No



Will soil contamination be covered by buildings, paved roads, pavement, or other physical barriers that will prevent plants or wildlife from being exposed?

Yes / No


Is there less than 1.5 acres of contiguous undeveloped land on the site, or within 500 feet of any area of the site affected by hazardous substances other than those listed in the table of Hazardous Substances of Concern


Is there less than 0.25 acres of  contiguous undeveloped land on or within 500 feet of any area of the site affected by  hazardous substances listed in the  table of Hazardous Substances of Concern?

Yes / No




Yes / No

Other factors determine

Are concentrations of hazardous substances in the soil less than or equal to natural background concentrations of those substances at the point of compliance

Yes / No No

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