Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation Process- Simplified Evaluation

Documentation Form  [PDF Version]

If any one of the criteria apply to your site, you may end your simplified ecological evaluation.

Criteria #  (Concern) Criteria Response  (Circle One)
1 (exposure) Is the total area of soil contamination at the site less than or equal to 350 square feet

Yes (End TEE) / No 

2 (exposure) Does land use at the site and surrounding area make substantial wildlife exposure unlikely based on completion of   Table 749-1? Yes (End TEE) / No 
3 (pathway) Is there a  potential exposure pathway from soil contamination to soil biota, plants, or wildlife? Yes / No (End TEE)
4 (contaminant) Are the hazardous substances at your site listed in Table 749-2 and is (or will) their location in the soil at your site be at a depth not exceeding the point of compliance, and at concentrations that do not exceed the values provided in Table 749-2 Yes (End TEE) / No 

Note: You must perform bioassays for contaminants at your site if no table value is provided. 

5 (contaminant) Will hazardous substances listed in Table 749-2  be present in the soil at your site within 6 feet of the ground surface at concentrations likely to be toxic, or with the potential to bioaccumulate, based on bioassays using methods approved by the department. Yes  / No (End TEE)


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