Table 830-1
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Required Testing for Petroleum Releases

Use of Table 830-1: An "X" in the box means that the testing requirement applies to ground water and soil if a release is known or suspected to have occurred to that medium, unless otherwise specified in the footnotes. A box with no "X" indicates (except in the last two rows) that, for the type of petroleum product release indicated in the top row, analyses for the hazardous substance(s) named in the far-left column corresponding to the empty box are not typically required as part of the testing for petroleum releases. However, such analyses may be required based on other site-specific information. Note that testing for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) is required for every type of petroleum release, as indicated in the bottom two rows of the table. The testing method for TPH depends on the type of petroleum product released and whether Method A or Method B or C is being used to determine TPH cleanup levels. See WAC 173-340-830 for analytical procedures. The footnotes to this table are important for understanding the specific analytical requirements for petroleum releases.

     Gasoline Range Organics
Diesel Range Organics
Heavy Oils
Mineral Oils


Waste Oils and Unknown Oil
Volatile Petroleum Compounds
Benzene X (6) X (7)        X (8)
Toluene X (6) X (7)       X (8)
Ethyl benzene X (6) X (7)       X (8)
Xylenes X (6) X (7)       X (8)
n-Hexane X (9)            
Fuel Additives and Blending Compounds
(EDB); and
Dichloroethane, 1-2
X (10)          X (8)
Methyl tertiary-butyl
ether (MTBE)
X (11)          X (8)
Total Lead and Other Additives X (12)          X (8)
Other Petroleum Compounds
Carcinogenic PAHs    X (13) X (13)    X (8)

X (14)

X (14) X (14)    X (14)
Other Compounds
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)       X (15) X (15) X (8)
Halogenated Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)             X (8)
Other X (16) X (16) X (16) X (16) X (16)
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Methods
TPH Analytical Method for Total TPH (Method A Cleanup Levels) (17) NWTPH-Gx NWTPH-Dx NWTPH-Dx NWTPH-Dx NWTPH-Gx & NWTPH-Dx
TPH Analytical Method for TPH fractions (Methods B or C) (17) VPH EPH EPH EPH VPH & EPH

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