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Toxics Cleanup Program

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Site Register

One of the goals of the Department of Ecology is to provide timely information to the public about the cleanup of contaminated sites and to provide meaningful opportunity for participation in that process. One mechanism the Department uses to meet this goal is the Site Register.

The Site Register, a semi-monthly publication, is an update of cleanup activities. It provides information about public meetings, public comment periods, and cleanup-related reports. You can find more information about the Site Register by reading this Site Register Focus Sheet.

For more information, please contact CherylAnn Bishop (360) 407-6848 or email her at  For site information and site lists, including the Hazardous Sites List, please click here:

Below are the most current issues of the Site Register as well as previous issues. Please click on the year in order to view specific months.

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The following Site Registers can be downloaded for the specific year of interest.The year consists of one self-extracting (.exe) zipped file that expands to include all the Site Registers produced for the time period

2002 Site Registers (2.7 mb)
2001 Site Registers (12.2 mb)
2000 Site Registers (43.8 mb)
1999 Site Registers (30.1 mb)
1998 Site Registers (33.3 mb)
1997 Site Registers (31 mb)
1996 Site Registers (36.7 mb)
1995 Site Registers (26.9 mb)
1994 Site Registers (31 mb)
1993 Site Registers (31 mb)
1992 Site Registers (26 mb)
1991 Site Registers (40 mb)
1990 Site Registers (17 mb)

You can join a listserv to receive the Site Register via e-mail by completing this registration form, Site Register e-mail list.

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