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Toxics Cleanup Program

MTCA Rule Revision and MTCA/SMS Integration

Sediment Workgroup - Meeting Information

Ecology is seeking input on technical, scientific, and policy issues as we revise and update the MTCA cleanup regulation and cleanup portions of the Sediments Management Standards (SMS). The next phase of the MTCA and SMS regulation update process will include input from two advisory committees: a MTCA/SMS Advisory Group and a Sediment Workgroup. Input from both committees will be documented and fully considered by Ecology. However, Ecology will make the final decisions regarding specifics of proposed amendments to the MTCA Cleanup Regulation and SMS rule.

The committees include participants from environmental organizations, tribes, state and federal agencies, municipalities, ports, businesses, attorneys, and environment consultants. All EAG meetings are open to the public, however, lunch and refreshments are only available for Advisory and Workgroup participants.

Meeting location for May 3 and June 2, 2010

Sediments Members List