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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

BNSF Skykomish NRD Settlement Restoration Sites

Lower Skykomish Braided Reach Restoration


Map of Skykomish Braided Reach

This project provided $125,000 to partially fund instream and riparian habitat restoration in the Skykomish River braided reach.  The Skykomish River Braided Reach includes 10 miles of mainstem channel from the town of Gold Bar (RM 43.3) to Sultan (RM 33).  The braided reach section of the Skykomish provides spawning and rearing habitat for Chinook, Coho, and Chum salmon, as well as bull trout, steelhead and other other species.
The overall project was managed by Snohomish County Public Works Surface Water Management Division, with funding from multiple sources.  The project constructed flood fence structures, added large woody debris to the channel, and augmented an existing log jam in the river. These actions increase channel roughness and provide varied habitat for fish spawning and rearing in this reach of the mainstem Skykomish River.

Slideshow Captions:

Helicopter transporting logs to project sites on the Skykomish River. 8/24/11
Source:  Bob Aldrich, SnoCo

Logs are sharpened to drive into gravel bar. 8/25/11
Source:  Craig Garric. SnoCo

Equipment crossing the Skykomish River using bridge sections. Photo taken from the safety boat. 8/25/11  Source:  Bob Aldrich SnoCo

Section of bridge swung in place for the river crossing. 8/25/11
Source: Craig Garric, SnoCo

Project # 8 site - trenching for installation of flood fence. 8/25/11. Source Craig Garric, SnoCo

Project # 8 site - logs placed into the excavated trench. 8/25/11.
Source: Bob Aldrich, SnoCo

Project # 8 site – trench is backfilled and logs are cut to required height. 8/25/11
Source: Bob Aldrich, SnoCo

Project # 8 site - completed section of flood fence. 8/25/11. 
Source:  Bob Aldrich, SnoCo

Project #6 site - cut pieces left in place for added roughness. 9/8/11. Source: Paul DeVries, R2 Resource

Project #6 site – Completed flood fencing. 9/8/11.
Source: Paul DeVries, R2 Resource

Project #8 site – completed flood fence on south side of thalweg. 9/8/11.
Source, Bob Aldrich, SnoCo

Project #6 site – Return crossing of equipment. Safety boat is to the left. 9/8/11 
Source:  Craig Garric, Snoco





Robert Aldrich,
Snohomish County Public Works