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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

BNSF Skykomish NRD Settlement Restoration Sites

Skykomish Wastewater Treatment System

Map: Town of Skykomish area showing approximate location of the wastewater treatment plant

Photo: Skykomish Wastewater Treatment System

This project contributed some funding for the Town of Skykomish wastewater treatment system.  The wastewater treatment system replaced condemned septic systems and other treatment systems.  Most of the construction of the wastewater treatment system was provided by the State’s legislature and built during the excavation of the town to cleanup contamination.

These NRD funds from BNSF were used to complete the final phase of construction to connect businesses and residences located across the river, and also to provide 5 years of operations and maintenance funding for the treatment plant.  These settlement funds helped compensate the residents of Skykomish for service losses due to the contamination in the town, and improve water quality from failing septic systems. 

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