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PSR/Wyckoff Eagle Harbor

Milwaukee Dock Eelgrass Restoration

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Ron Thom with PNNL Marine Sciences Lab prepares eelgrass for planting at Milwaukee Dock eelgrass restoration project.

To restore eelgrass habitat near Bainbridge Island, the Trustees selected a restoration project near the site of the former Milwaukee Dock at the PSR/Wyckoff site.  Two deep depressions remained from past dredging to keep the dock accessible for boats.  The dock has been removed, but the depressions remain and are too deep to support eelgrass.  The restoration project included filling the depressions and replanting eelgrass.     

The project was done in two phases.  NRD settlement funds were used to fill and plant the southern depression in 2013.  Additional grant funds were obtained by the Suquamish Tribe to complete the restoration of the northern depression in 2015-2016. 

Eelgrass is important habitat for crab, bivalves, and young fish such as juvenile salmonids, and is considered a valued ecosystem component by the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership.  Eelgrass habitat provides cover from predators and abundant food.  Although many types of fish use eelgrass habitat, it is especially important as a spawning area for forage fish.

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