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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR)

Puget Sound Resources (PRS)/Wyckoff Eagle Harbor NRD Settlement

The Elliott Bay Trustee Council has oversight of restoration projects on Bainbridge Island and the Lower Duwamish River using funds from the Pacific Sound Resources (PSR)/Wyckoff settlement.  The Trustee Council includes representatives from the federal trustee agencies (NOAA and USFWS), the state trustee agencies (Ecology, DNR, and WDFW), the Suquamish Tribe, and Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.

Map showing three Wykoff Eagle Harbor sites.

The PSR/Wyckoff consent decree was a settlement for natural resource damages and cleanup actions arising out of the release and/or disposal of hazardous substances at the Wyckoff/Eagle Harbor Superfund site and the PSR West Seattle wood treating facility. Approximately $3,380,000 of the total settlement is being used to fund restoration efforts to address natural resource injuries associated with the Wyckoff facility on Bainbridge Island.

The settlement funds to restore injuries at Eagle Harbor have been spent on the following efforts:

  • Strawberry Plant Park Shoreline Restoration
  • Pritchard Park East Shoreline Restoration 
  • Milwaukee Dock Eelgrass Restoration Project


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NRDAR Focus Sheet - March 2014

NRDAR Coordination:
Donna Podger
(360) 407- 7016

Ecology NRDAR Contacts

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