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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

PSR/Wyckoff Eagle Harbor

Pritchard Park East Shoreline Restoration 

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The pocket beach was designed to restore some of the sediment transport function of the shoreline, as well as provide habitat for surf smelt spawning.

Pritchard Park East project is a shoreline restoration project next to the Wyckoff site.  The restoration was completed in 2011, and included removal of a wood bulkhead to restore natural feeder bluff function and restoration of a small pocket beach.  Over 400 feet of bulkhead was removed between the work funded by the Trustees and that performed by the adjacent private landowner. The removal of armored shoreline is intended to allow the area to become surf smelt spawning habitat.  Additional plantings provide vegetation in the transitional zone.  A walking path and small viewing area are provided for public access to the site.  The City of Bainbridge was a partner in this restoration project. 

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