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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

PSR/Wyckoff Eagle Harbor

Strawberry Plant Park 

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Strawberry Plant Park restored intertidal mudflat and marsh habitat to benefit juvenile salmonids and other fish. The park also provides a nice place for people to enjoy nature.

The Strawberry Plant Park project is a shoreline restoration project in Eagle Harbor adjacent to a salmon stream that takes up about 2 acres of the total park area. The restoration, completed in 2011, included removal of shoreline armoring and debris and placement of fill to restore natural shoreline slopes.  Debris was removed from intertidal mudflat areas and marsh plants and large woody debris were put in to provide habitat in the upper intertidal zone.  Riparian vegetation was planted to provide transitional habitat for birds and wildlife that use the aquatic environment.  The site also provides public access to the shoreline to enjoy the views.  The City of Bainbridge was a partner in this restoration project.

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