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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Panel

Herring's House Restoration Project  

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The 1.8-acre intertidal bay provides off-channel habitat for the Lower Duwamish River and benefits fish and waterfowl.

This Lower Duwamish restoration project restored 5.7 acres of upland habitat, and 10 acres of tideland habitat to benefit juvenile salmon and other aquatic life.  Project construction included demolition and removal of former buildings, pilings, and shoreline structures and excavation of contaminated soil.  Then a 1.8 acre intertidal bay was excavated, covered with new soil for planting and revegetated with marsh plants.  Upland areas and riparian areas were planted with native shrubs and trees.  

This project was completed in 2000 and was monitored by the Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Program through 2015.

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