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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Panel

North Wind’s Weir Restoration Project (Cecil B. Moses Park)  

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The one-acre off-channel lagoon in Cecil B. Moses Park provides important habitat for fish and waterfowl.

This Lower Duwamish restoration project constructed an intertidal basin connected to the Lower Duwamish River to provide off-channel habitat for juvenile fish.  The project location is especially beneficial to juvenile salmonids when they are out-migrating and making the physiological transition from freshwater to salt water conditions.   

Riparian vegetation was planted to provide more natural bank stabilization on the site.   The 1 acre lagoon provides salt marsh habitat beneficial to waterfowl and fish. 

The intertidal and riparian habitat is complemented by King County upland park improvements including parking, restrooms, trails, plantings and interpretive features highlighting the cultural significance of the site to Native Americans.

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