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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration

Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Panel

Turning Basin No. 3 Restoration Project (Kenco Marine)  

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Removal of derelict vessels, former commercial structures and pavement, followed by grading and re-vegetation created new functional shoreline habitat near Turning Basin No. 3 on the Duwamish River.  

This Lower Duwamish restoration project removed an old building, fill, intertidal debris and a dock that were degrading habitat along Turning Basin No. 3. The bank was pulled back, and riparian and marsh vegetation were planted. The property was placed into protection from future commercial development to preserve the restored to functional shoreline habitat.  The result is riparian shoreline habitat and intertidal habitat that benefits juvenile salmon and other aquatic life.   

This project was completed in 2006 and was monitored by the Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Program through 2015.  

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