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Toxics Cleanup Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR)

Scott Paper Anacortes Settlement Restoration Projects

In 2010, there was a Natural Resource Damage (NRD) settlement under MTCA, between Ecology and Port of Anacortes, for the former Scott Paper Mill in Anacortes.  The settlement consisted of two primary projects:

The Port of Anacortes implemented an extensive eelgrass restoration project near the cleanup site in conjunction with establishment of an eelgrass mitigation site.  The goal of this restoration work is to provide a minimum of one acre of high-quality eelgrass habitat and up to four acres of habitat.  Eelgrass provides cover from predators and abundant food for crab, young fish such as juvenile salmonids, and many other commercially important species.  Eelgrass also provides important spawning substrate for Pacific herring, and is used by Dungeness and red rock crab as a place for settlement of larvae.

The Port of Anacortes provided funding for Northwest Straits Foundation to conduct studies, implement restoration projects and acquire land for restoration and conservation in Fidalgo and Padilla Bays.  The projects implemented by Northwest Straits Foundation include riparian restoration, in-water structure removal, shellfish enhancement and tideland acquisition.

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