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Toxics Cleanup Program

Site Register

The Site Register, a semi-monthly publication, is an update of cleanup activities. It provides information about public meetings, public comment periods, and cleanup-related reports. For more information on the Site Register, contact CherylAnn Bishop at (360) 407-6848 or e-mail him at  To view the current Site Register, please click here:

Hazardous Sites List

The Department of Ecology publishes the Hazardous Sites List as required by WAC 173-340-330. The list includes all sites that have been assessed and ranked using the Washington Ranking Method, as well as National Priorities List sites.

Ecology updates the list twice a year. Because of budget constraints, the Hazardous Sites List will only be available online.

Please refer to the Hazardous Sites List for contact information regarding specific sites.

Web Reporting Portal

Try out our Web Reporting Portal
(Introduced:  October 2007; Updated:  March 2011)
To get started, just click on 'Create a Report' or check out 'Help' or 'Videos'.

Environmental Covenants Registry (July 2008)

The Environmental Covenants Registry is a list of sites that have residual contamination remaining on them after the cleanup has been completed.  These sites have environmental covenants or deed restrictions limiting certain uses of the property.  Example covenants would be those prohibiting the drilling of a water supply well on the property or use of the property for residential uses.

Confirmed & Suspected Contaminated Sites (CSCS) Report

This report contains information about sites that are undergoing cleanup and sites that are awaiting further investigation and/or cleanup. Sites on the Hazardous Sites List (see above) are included in this data set.

Confirmed & Suspected Contaminated Sites (CSCS) List (Instructions)

No Further Action (NFA) Sites List

This data set contains information about sites previously on the Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites list (above) that have received a No Further Action (NFA) decision.

No Further Action (NFA) Sites List (Instructions)

Regulated Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) List

Washington State regulates more than 11,000 active tanks on approximately 4,000 different properties, including gas stations, industries, commercial properties, and governmental entities.  The Regulated USTs report contains information on both operational and closed USTs.

Regulated USTs List (Instructions)

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) List

The LUST report contains information on UST facilities that require cleanup and their cleanup history.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites List (Instructions)

Additional LUST data available from:
US EPA, Region X, Seattle
(800.424.4EPA or 206.553.1200)
Active LUST Sites on Tribal Land  (.pdf)
Closed LUST Sites on Tribal Land (.pdf)

Please direct questions or feedback to:  Public Records Coordinator

Environmental Covenants Registry  

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