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Toxics Cleanup Program

Technical Assistance Agreement Sites (TAAG)

Cleaning Up Multiple Gasoline Station Sites at
Ecology's Northwest Regional Office (NWRO)

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 TAAG Multi Site Cleanup Locations in Ecology's Northwest Region

TAAGs were created to help facilitate the cleanup of underground storage tanks.


A TAAG is a Technical Assistance Agreement between Ecology and oil companies to facilitate cleanups of leaking underground storage tanks.  Older gas stations used steel underground tanks and piping which corroded over time and frequently leaked into soil, groundwater, and in some cases, surface water.  A substantial number of fueling stations built before 1998 have been found to have leaking underground tanks.  Since 1998, gas stations are required to meet Ecology’s Underground Storage Tank regulations that safeguard against corrosion and leaks, maintain leak-detection systems, and undergo regular inspections by Ecology.

Why It Matters

Commitment from Companies

Each TAAG has a written contractual agreement signed by Ecology and the oil company to clean up contamination at current and former gas stations to protect the environment.   Companies participating with Ecology's NWRO are 7-Eleven, Antea, BP, and TOC Holding Co.

Ecology’s Commitment

Ecology agreed to assign a Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Site Manager to each TAAG agreement to provide accessible, informal and consistent site-specific technical consultations.  Each TAAG consists of less than 30 VCP Sites.

Ecology will coordinate the cleanup process with each of the TAAG participants with the goal of reaching a No Further Action (NFA).  A NFA letter is issued if no further remedial action is necessary at the site under state regulations (Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA).   A total of 67 sites in the NWRO region are currently being cleaned up under this type of agreement.  

How are TAAG Sites being cleaned up?

TAAG sites that are cleaned up under the VCP enable owners of contaminated sites to receive technical guidance from Ecology while working on an independent basis rather than under an Ecology-directed formal order.

Participants in the VCP pay fees to Ecology to cover the department’s costs for guidance and review. VCP sites must meet the same cleanup standards as those formally managed by Ecology under the Model Toxics Control Act, created by a 1989 voter initiative.

What’s Next for TAAGs? 

Based on the TAAG results, Ecology may pursue similar agreements with other companies that own current or former gas station sites in Ecology’s Northwest Region.

Who to contact regarding TAAGs?

If you are interested in entering into a TAAG agreement with Ecology, please contact:

Louise Bardy, Northwest Regional Office Voluntary Cleanup Program Unit Supervisor.
Address: 3190 160th Ave SE
              Bellevue, WA 98008
Phone:    (425) 649-7209

What is a TAAG?

Please visit this website often.  It reflects the comprehensive work that is currently being done and work that is being planned.


Louise Bardy,
Voluntary Cleanup Program
Unit Supervisor
(425) 649-7209

TAAG Project Managers:

Logo: 7-Eleven 7-Eleven
Glynis Carrosino
(425) 649-4422

Logo:  ANTEA Group ANTEA Group
Heather Vick
(425) 649-7064
Logo:  BP BP
Heather Vick
(425) 649-7064

Graphic: TOC Holding Co. TOC

Michael Warfel
(425) 649-7257