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Toxics Cleanup Program

The August 26 public meeting about cleanup at American Legion Memorial Park has been cancelled!

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The Asarco smelter, which operated in Everett in the early 1900s, caused widespread arsenic and lead contamination in northeast Everett. In addition to contamination left behind on the old smelter property, particles from the stacks settled on the surrounding areas, contaminating soil.  

The Washington Department of Ecology managed the cleanup of the most highly contaminated properties from 1999 -2007.  In 2009, Ecology received funding through a bankruptcy settlement with Asarco to continue with cleanup efforts. Ecology has developed a cleanup plan for the rest of the contaminated properties impacted by the former smelter.  

The cleanup site is broken into 2 areas, the upland and lowland cleanup areas. The two areas are on two different cleanup schedules.  Click here for a map of the overall site.

Current Status

Cleanup of 19 homes begins in August 2014!  Ecology’s crews will be working along 6th, 7th and 8th Streets between Wayne and Winton Avenue.  Visit the latest information page to keep up to date on construction progress!  We will post updates weekly as soon as construction begins.

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