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Toxics Cleanup Program

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Latest Project News
  • Ecology held a public meeting on December 16 about the final cleanup scope. If you missed the meeting, you can download a copy of the meeting presentation (2.5 mb).
  • Information about the proposed scope of work for American Legion Memorial Park cleanup is available below.
  • Ecology will continue to work on plans for cleanup. The project will be put out to bid in the spring of 2015. 

Details about Cleanup in American Legion Memorial Park

  • The City of Everett has a proposed scope of work for cleanup at American Legion Memorial Park.  The proposed scope protects all trees in the park.

Proposed Cleanup: North Legion

Proposed Cleanup: South Legion

Want more information about cleanup?  Posters from the November public meetings are available below.

Park Cleanup Background

In 2011-12 Ecology sampled soil in the three parks located within the Everett Smelter Cleanup Site boundary:

  • Photo: American Legion Memorial Park and ArboretumAmerican Legion Memorial Park and Arboretum 
  • Wiggums Hollow Park
  • Viola Oursler Overlook
All three parks were shown to have soil arsenic levels above the established cleanup level for the Everett Smelter Cleanup Site.  In 2013, the state legislature set aside funding for the cleanup of these three parks.  Ecology is working with the City of Everett to plan for and conduct soil removal and replacement at these parks beginning in 2015-16 and continuing for several years.

Exposure to levels of contamination found in the parks are not an immediate health risk. Follow Ecology's health recommendations to reduce your family's exposure to contamination. Learn more about how to protect your family from contamination.


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