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5/24/2016 – Due to funding limitations, cleanup of Wiggums Hollow Park and Viola Oursler Viewpoint has been delayed.  Read more below.

Click on map for a larger view of the  Everett Smelter Cleanup SiteBackground of Everett Park Cleanup

In 2011-2012, Ecology sampled soil in the three parks located within the Everett Smelter Cleanup Site boundary:

  • American Legion Memorial Park and Arboretum,
  • Wiggums Hollow Park, and
  • the Viola Oursler Viewpoint

Sampling showed that all three parks had soil arsenic levels above the cleanup level for the Everett Smelter Cleanup Site.

In the 2013-2015 state budget, Ecology received funding to begin cleanup efforts at parks in Everett. Using this funding, Ecology completed soil removal and restoration at American Legion Memorial Park in spring 2016.  Ecology hopes to clean up contaminated soil at the Viola Oursler Viewpoint and Wiggums Hollow Park.. However, funding is currently limited, and Ecology is unable to clean up these two parks at this time. Ecology is actively seeking additional funds to continue park cleanup.

Click on photo for a larger view of American Legion Memorial Park, Everett, WAAmerican Legion Memorial Park cleanup is complete!

Ecology worked with the City of Everett to clean up contaminated soil at American Legion Memorial park from 2015 to early 2016. Cleanup was designed to remove contaminated soils while protecting park trees.

Click on photo for a larger view of Wiggums Hollow Park and Viola Oursler ViewpointWiggums Hollow Park and the Viola Oursler Viewpoint cleanup on hold

Due to funding limitations, Ecology has not been able to schedule a cleanup at Wiggums Hollow Park and the Viola Oursler Viewpoint. The contamination present at these two parks does not pose an immediate health risk. However, exposure to arsenic over time may be a health hazard. If you plan on visiting either of these parks, please limit your exposure to contaminated soils by:

  • Washing hands and toys with soap and water after playing in the dirt
  • Washing hands before eating or putting anything in your mouth
  • Taking off your shoes when you get home
  • Wiping off your pet’s paws and bathing pets often
  • Washing blackberries or other fruit from the parks before eating it

Page last updated August 16, 2016

Visiting a Park in northern Everett?

Exposure to levels of contamination found in the parks are not an immediate health risk. Follow Ecology's health recommendations to reduce your family's exposure to contamination. Learn more about how to protect your family from contamination.


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