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Toxics Cleanup Program

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Arsenic and lead are toxic metals and can be harmful to human health, especially for children. They pollute the soil in many parts of Washington, and can also be found in products used in our daily lives. Arsenic can be found in pressure-treated wood and pesticides. Sources of lead include old paint, gasoline, and lead plumbing.

This page provides links to important information about health risks and how to avoid exposure to arsenic and lead.


Fact Sheet: Arsenic in the Environment  (WA Department of Health)

ToxFAQs for Arsenic (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)

Arsenic in Drinking Water (WA Department of Health)

Wood Pressure Treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Pressure Treated Wood: A common sense guide (Thurston County)



ToxFAQs for Lead (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)
Lead (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
Occupational Lead Exposure: An Alert for Workers (WA Department of Labor & Industries)
Working with Lead: How to Protect Workers’ Health (WA Department of Labor & Industries)