Lower Duwamish Waterway
Source Control Investigation

Glacier Bay
River Mile (RM) 1.3-1.6 West

Please click on the figure for larger view. Site Background

The Glacier Bay Source Control Area is located along the western side of the LDW Superfund Site between 1.2 and 1.6 miles from the southern end of Harbor Island.  The map shows the main properties of interest in this area which include:  Alaska Marine Lines, Duwamish Shipyard, Inc. (Duwamish Shipyard), Glacier Northwest, Inc. (Glacier Northwest), and the former MRI Corporation, which leased the northern portion of Terminal 115.    

The upland areas adjacent to the LDW have been industrialized for many decades. Historical and current commercial and industrial operations in the vicinity of Glacier Bay include cargo handling and storage, vessel repair and maintenance, concrete manufacturing, lumber milling, charcoal production, manufacture of glues and resins, and tin reclamation.


The following chemicals are considered to be contaminants of concern at Glacier Bay with regard to potential sediment recontamination

Metals Organics
Arsenic Dioxins/furans
Mercury PCBs
Zinc Phthalates (BEHP, butyl benzl phthalate)
Copper PAHs
Lead 1,2-Dichlorobenzene
Antimony Pentachlorophenol
Tin Benzyl alcohol
Organo-tin compounds

Source Control

Ecology is the lead for source control for the LDW Superfund site. Source control is the process of finding and then stopping or reducing as much as possible releases of pollution to the river. Ecology looks at the drainage for Glacier Bay in order to determine what work needs to be done for Source Control. The Glacier Bay drainage basin outlines the area where sources need to be controlled (see map). The routes for contaminants to Glacier Bay sediments include: direct discharges via piped outfalls, bank erosion from adjacent properties, surface runoff from adjacent properties, groundwater discharge, air deposition, and spills directly to the inlet.

Source Control Action Plan

Ecology developed a Source Control Action Plan for Glacier Bay which describes what source control actions are necessary. As part of the Source Control Action Plan, Ecology hired a contractor to put together a Summary of Existing Information and Data Gaps report.

Glacier Northwest, Inc. – Reichhold, Inc. Site

The Glacier Northwest, Inc. site is located at 5900 West Marginal Way SW., Seattle, Washington.  Glacier Northwest, Inc. currently owns the property that was formerly operated by Reichhold, Inc., a chemical product manufacturer and distributor.

Contamination at the site is the result of historical uses and practices including manufacture of pentachlorophenol, glues and resins. The contaminants of concern have not been completely identified, however, initial sampling found metals and phenols including arsenic and pentachlorophenol in soil, pentachlorophenol and arsenic in groundwater, dioxins in sediment, and arsenic in surface water seeps.