Downtown Montesano Groundwater Investigation

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An area-wide investigation began in 2004 to examine known and suspected areas of contamination in downtown Montesano.  The investigation led to the discovery of soil and groundwater contamination caused by historical and current activities.  Underground storage tanks used by former and current gas stations have leaked petroleum products and created a large area of contamination.  Ecology also detected chlorinated solvents in the groundwater at some locations in downtown. Potential sources of the solvent contamination include auto repair and paint shops.
Ecology continued investigating the site in 2005.  As a result, several contaminated properties were identified and entered into legal agreements with Ecology to begin  the formal cleanup process.  Click on the links to find out more information about these cleanups.

  1. Tony’s Short Stop / Grays Harbor Grange
  2. Whitney’s Inc. / Key Bank (Sterling)
  3. Brumfield Twidwell

Ecology is now working with the Potentially Liable Parties (above) to continue the investigation of contamination in downtown Montesano. Once the extent of contamination has been determined, Ecology will decide what cleanup actions should be taken to reduce and eventually eliminate contamination in both soil and groundwater.

In order to make sure that human health is protected, Ecology is partnering with the State Department of Health to determine if any of the contamination presents a health risk to the community.  Ecology will continue to keep the community informed as work in downtown Montesano moves forward..

Site Documents


  1. December 2008 GeoEngineers Report: Montesano Data Management
  2. April 2009 Department of Ecology (EAP Program) Report: Montesano Groundwater Investigation of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
  3. August 2007 Final White Paper: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Montesano

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