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Port Gamble Bay & Mill Site

Restoration & Preservation Projects

Aerial view: Port Gamble Bay


The Washington Legislature has dedicated a total of $7 million for Port Gamble Bay source control, habitat preservation, and cleanup sustainability.

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) committed $1.425 million of that money to Kitsap County to buy about 450 acres of forest and 1.5 miles of shoreline along the western shore of Port Gamble Bay. This area is known as the Western Shoreline Block. The property will be placed into public stewardship for fish, wildlife and people.

What project will Ecology be working on?

In 2012, Ecology asked stakeholders and tribes for ideas for projects for the remaining funds. Ecology received 26 ideas ranging from buying more land to restoring eelgrass and Olympia oysters. A panel of specialists from state natural resource agencies reviewed the list of ideas and recommended these projects:

  • Purchase forested upland parcels that contain wetlands or stream corridors.
  • Conduct herring studies to support ongoing efforts to restore the Port Gamble herring stock, which has been in decline for over 10 years.
  • Remove derelict gear, debris and vessels throughout the bay to improve habitat for forage fish and juvenile salmon in shallow intertidal habitats.
  • Remove remaining creosote-treated pilings at Point Julia, Martha John Estuary and other locations in the bay.
  • Restore riparian vegetation at distinct locations along the western shoreline to create contiguous marine riparian habitat.
  • Enhance habitat for and restore Olympia oyster  populations to support ongoing restoration efforts for Washington’s only native oyster.
  • Restore eelgrass to improve habitat for fish, including Pacific herring and other forage fish, salmon, rockfish, invertebrates, and other aquatic organisms. 

Ecology is working with project partners to develop plans to carry out the work. The projects, along with planned environmental cleanup work, will support the long-term goals of Ecology and the local community to restore and sustain Port Gamble Bay’s health.

Port Gamble Preservation and Restoration Documents

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