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Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Site

Site Cleanup

Site Cleanup Activities

The Port Angeles Rayonier Mill cleanup is a large and complex process. Rayonier and Ecology have agreed to move forward with cleanup of the Study Area-- a portion of the site that includes the former mill property and nearby marine areas. Cleaning up the Study Area may help return the property to productive use. However, Rayonier is still liable for investigating and cleaning up the entire site, which includes all areas contaminated by former mill operations.

Study Area Cleanup

In 2010, Rayonier and Ecology signed a legal agreement--called an Agreed Order--for cleanup of the Study Area. The Study Area includes the 75-acre former mill property (upland) and approximately 1,300 acres of marine environment.

The cleanup is called an Interim Action because it only addresses part of the overall site, which has not yet been defined. The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, which has a formal role in the cleanup, concurred with the agreement. The Agreed Order went out for public comment in February of 2010 and all documents are available on the public comment period webpage.

In 2012, Rayonier and Ecology signed an amendment to the Agreed Order. The agreed order now includes cleanup work during the City of Port Angeles’ combined sewer overflow (CSO) project. More about the agreed order amendment and cleanup work.

Cleanup Work

Past work included a marine (water and sediments) investigation and an uplands (soil and groundwater) investigation. There have also been several interim actions (partial cleanups). Rayonier and Ecology are using information from the past work to help plan for future cleanup. Rayonier has developed upland (Volume I) and marine (Volume II) data summary reports that summarize all the data Rayonier collected about contamination in the two portions of the study area. Read more about:

The Cleanup Process

Ecology uses strict cleanup guidelines from the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) to clean up polluted sites. MTCA provides a standard cleanup process and opportunities for public involvement . The timeline below shows the steps for cleanup at the Rayonier Mill site.

Graphic showing Rayonier's steps in the cleanup process

More information can be found at Cleanup Process: Major Phases & Definitions.