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Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Site

Photo:  Aerial View of Rayonier Mill Site


The upland portion of the study area includes the locations of former mill operations, nearby coastal bluffs, and the Ennis Creek corridor. 

Upland Data Summary Report

Ecology has released the public review draft Upland Data Summary Report. The report details the amount and type of contamination on the upland portion of the study area. It summarizes all data Rayonier collected about contamination on the former mill property.

Ecology is not holding a public comment period on the report now. We will hold a comment period in 2015, with the marine data summary report and Rayonier’s analysis of cleanup options. You can address questions about the report to site manager Marian Abbett at

Agreed Order Amendment and CSO Project-Related Work

The agreed order for the Rayonier Mill site now includes cleanup work during the City of Port Angeles’ combined sewer overflow (CSO) project. More about the agreed order amendment and cleanup work

Past Investigations

Past investigations found petroleum hydrocarbons, dioxins, lead, and several other contaminants in the upland area.  In 2004, Ecology and Rayonier signed an Agreed Order (legal agreement) which directed Rayonier to conduct a more extensive investigation of this contamination.  Soil samples were taken from areas where mill operations occurred, and from surrounding areas.  Wells have been installed across the upland study area to test for groundwater contamination.  Results were made available during the fall 2006 public comment period.

Filling Data Gaps

Based in part on 2006 public comments, the 2010 agreed order requires Rayonier to fill data gaps and incorporate the new data with previous uplands investigation data.  On August 10, 2010, Ecology approved Rayonier’s work plan for upland sampling.  This work plan details where Rayonier will sample groundwater and soil to finish characterizing the upland part of the Study Area.  Rayonier must make several changes to the work plan, described in the letter below.