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Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Site

Agreed Order Amendment and CSO Project-Related Work   

Some of the trenches for the City of Port Angeles' combined sewer overflow (CSO) project are on the Rayonier Mill site. In August – September 2012, Ecology held a public comment period to amend the agreed order with Rayonier. The agreed order includes cleanup work during the city's CSO project.

Current Status

Rayonier and the city worked on the part of the CSO project on the mill property since fall 2012. The CSO project was completed by February 2014.

To install the new CSO pipeline, the city:

  • Dug trenches for the pipeline, including removing contaminated soil.
  • Placed pipes in the trenches and covered them with clean fill material.
  • Covered the filled trenches with asphalt.
  • Removed an old bridge across Ennis Creek and built a new 100-foot bridge that carries the CSO project pipes.

More than 26,000 cubic yards of soil were stockpiled on a portion of the Rayonier property. About 110 tons of visibly contaminated soil was disposed of offsite. The stockpiled soil will be addressed as part of the final cleanup for the Rayonier Study Area. Until then, Rayonier will continue to manage the piles. They were hydro-seeded to reduce erosion and runoff. You can read the Materials Management Completion Report for this work under related documents, below.

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