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Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Site

Ortho photo of Rayonier Mill site

May 9, 2017  Port Angeles Harbor Cleanup Sites Update Presentation (7 mb)

The Port Angeles Rayonier Mill is now being cleaned up under a new Agreed Order.   Ecology is working with Rayonier Properties LLC (Rayonier) to  investigate and plan clean up for contamination on the mill property and in nearby marine sediments.

Site Information

For a brief history of the Rayonier Mill site, types of contamination, and cleanup strategies, please see Site Background. For more information about the cleanup process, please visit Site Cleanup Activities.

Marine Data Summary Report

You can now review the marine data summary report for the Rayonier Mill Study Area. The report details the amount and type of contamination in the marine portions of the study area.

Public Involvement

Public input is an important part of cleaning up toxic sites! Ecology offers public involvement opportunities at key steps in the Rayonier Mill cleanup process.

Port Angeles Cleanup Work

Ecology is working with several companies to clean up other polluted sites around Port Angeles Harbor.  In addition, Ecology is working on two major investigations that began in 2008. One is studying pollution in sediments from across Port Angeles Harbor. The other investigation is looking at soils that may have been contaminated by air emissions from Rayonier Mill.


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Marine Data Summary Report Now Available

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Port Angeles,
Clallam County

Marian Abbett,
Site Manager

Megan MacClellan
Public Involvement Coordinator

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