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Toxics Cleanup Program

Cleanup in the Yard Program    

Group of 3 photos showing before, during and after cleanupEcology is working neighborhood by neighborhood to complete cleanup. We will contact you to discuss cleanup options when we reach your neighborhood.  For latest news on the Yard Program’s accomplishments and upcoming work, visit the Yard Program Updates webpage.

Planning for Cleanup

Planning for cleanup takes several months and soil replacement can also take as long.  We start the planning process a year before soil replacement takes place.

VIDEO about yard cleanup

The video includes the following three parts:

Please see our photo gallery for an example of a typical yard cleanup.  For more information, read our fact sheet on soil removal and replacement.

Plant and Lawn Care

Ecology has an agreement with the contractor to take care of the lawn and landscaping for the first sixty days.  After that, it is up to the homeowner to maintain their new yard. To learn more, watch our video on lawn care after cleanup or read our handout on lawn care instructions after cleanup.

Some areas are excluded from cleanup.

Ecology does not clean up around trees or large plantings, rock walls, ponds, or under pavement. To learn more, read our Excluded Areas flyer.

Cleanup Orientation Materials

Homeowners Guide to Cleanup:

Pre-Construction Meeting:

Soil Replacement Orientation:


Page last updated:  July 14, 2017