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Toxics Cleanup Program

Tacoma Smelter Plume

Yard Program Updates for Vashon-Maury Island

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The service area for the Yard Program includes the southern portion of Vashon-Maury Island. Properties in the northern half of the island qualify for free home soil testing.

Soil Replacement Progress:

We have replaced soil on a total of 21 yards on Vashon-Maury Island.  

  • In 2015 we replaced soil in 15 yards.
  • In 2014 we replaced soil in six yards.

Sampling Progress:

  • We completed our final phase of Yard Program sampling in the fall of 2016. We will continue to offer home soil testing on the island.
  • As of spring 2016, we offered sampling to 1,009 yards in the service area. We sampled 753 yards and found 51 yards that qualify for soil replacement (see map below right).  
  • In May 2015, we extended the service area north on Maury Island to include 190 additional yards (see map right). 

To learn more about our sampling progress, please view our presentation slides from the June 14th public meeting.  

Sign up for free sampling now!

If you own a home on Vashon-Maury Island and would like to sign up for free soil sampling, please complete and return the soil sampling access agreement.

Visit our photo gallery to see our sampling team in action on Vashon-Maury Island.  

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Yard Program sampling results on Vashon-Maury Island, as of August 2016.
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Soil replacement progress on Vashon-Maury Island, as of August 2016.

This page last updated July 2017