Sediment Benthic Marine Chemical Criteria

The Sediment Management Standards include two levels of benthic numeric chemical criteria that apply to marine and freshwater sediments:

  1. The "no adverse effects" level: Sediment Quality Standards, WAC 173-204-320 and Sediment Cleanup Objective WAC 173-204-562 -- used as a sediment quality goal for Washington State sediments, and

  2. The "minor adverse effects" level -- The Sediment Impact Zone Maximum Level, WAC 173-204-420; and the Cleanup Screening Level, WAC 173-204-562 -- used as an upper regulatory level for source control and cleanup decision making.

To understand the context in which the criteria are used, see the Sediment Management Standards regulation.

Sediment Management Standards Chapter 173-204 WAC Benthic Criteria Tables

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Last updated:  March 03, 2014