For use with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher (may not be fully compatible with earlier versions of Excel.)


Warning: When you open the Site97 or Bckgd97 files, you may get an "Enable Macros?" query. You will then need to click on the Enable Macros button to run these modules. (You can disable this query by clearing the box marked "Always ask before opening workbooks with macros")



Site97 Compliance statistics

Bckgd97 Statistical analysis of background data


Double click on the Site97 or Bckgd97 file to begin.

Site97: Check to see if the work area fits your screen. On the right side of the screen, you should be able to see the Help and Finished buttons. At the bottom, all of the blue field should be visible under the heading labeled "Upper Confidence Limit (UCL)".

If you can't see the entire work area, you may want to shrink it to fit your screen: Select Zoom from the View menu. Click on Custom and try a slight reduction (e.g., 90%), then click on the OK button. If the work area is still not completely visible, try again with another reduction. You can customize MTCAStat to fit your screen in future by saving the file after you've found the reduction you want.

Click on the Help button for more information. (Help button is also provided when you open the Bckgd97 file.)