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Toxics Cleanup Program



Home Heating Oil Tanks

The Department of Ecology does not regulate home heating oil tanks.  For help and information, please contact the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency at 1-800-822-3905 of visit them at

Web Information

Look up available information about a property with regulated USTs.  Always check with your local environmental authority as they may have regulations for activities regarding USTs .

  • UST and LUST Lists:
    Try out the Web Reporting Portal.
  • LUST List Instructions
  • Regulated USTs List Instructions (November 8, 2007)
  • Facility Site on the Web
    The Facility/Site Identification System contains key information for each facility/site that is currently, or has been, of interest to Ecology, including underground storage tanks (UST) and leaking underground storage tanks (LUST) . The system allows users to dynamically query the database based on specific criteria (e.g. county, city, facility site, site id, Standard Industrial Classification codes, etc.).
  • Data Submittal Requirements
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Report a Spill

Flood Information for Underground Storage Tank Owners