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Toxics Cleanup Program


Just the Checklists...

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Galvanic Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist

Retrofit/Repair Checklist

Site Check/Site Assessment Checklist

Leak Testing Checklist 1

Alternative Fuel Installation or Conversion Checklist2

30-Day Notice

Business License Application

Fuel Requests for USTs

Operational Status Notice

Permanent Closure Notice3

Temporary Closure Notice3

UST Addendum

All forms, checklists and reports must be submitted to:

Department of Ecology
Underground Storage Tank Section
P.O. Box 47655
Olympia, WA  98504-7655

Check with your local city and county authorities to determine if there are additional requirements associated with your UST System(s).

1Formerly "Tightness Testing Checklist" and “Release Detection and Prevention Equipment Testing Checklist”
2For tanks storing >B20 (20% biodiesel) or >E10 (10% ethanol-blended) fuels
3Formerly "Closure & Site Assessment Notice"