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Toxics Cleanup Program

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Underground storage tank (UST) fees will increase from $160 to $166.99 per tank on July 1, 2017.

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Overview of Program

Washington State has a federally-approved Underground Storage Tank (UST) program.  This means that state law, not federal law, applies to UST systems in this state.

Under state law, the Department of Ecology (Ecology) currently regulates more than 9,200 tanks at more than 3,400 facilities, including gas stations, industrial, commercial properties, and governmental entities.  Ecology works to ensure these tanks are installed, managed, and monitored to prevent releases into the environment.  To do so, Ecology conducts compliance inspections at about 1,200 facilities each year, and provides technical assistance to tank owners.

State UST Rulemaking Underway (click to show/hide)

Current Rulemaking

Ecology plans to amend Chapter 173-360 WAC, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulations. As part the rulemaking, Ecology plans to:

  1. Incorporate federal rule changes needed to maintain state program approval, as specified in 40 CFR Parts 280 and 281 and adopted in June 2015.
  2. Incorporate changes to the state’s UST program specified in the authorizing state statute, Chapter 90.76 RCW.
  3. Make other selective changes to the requirements governing the state’s UST program (such as updating UST service provider requirements).
  4. Streamline rule requirements, improve rule clarity, and improve consistency within the rule and with other state and federal laws and rules.

For more information about the rulemaking and how to get involved,visit:

2015 Changes to Federal UST Rule and Applicability  (click to show/hide)

In June 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted changes to the federal UST rule (40 CFR Part 280). This is the first major revision to the federal rule since 1988. The changes implement the requirements in the UST Compliance Act of 2005, add new operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems, and establish requirements for certain types of UST systems deferred in the 1988 rules.

EPA also adopted changes to the state program approval requirements (40 CFR Part 281) to reflect the changes in the federal UST rule. States with approved programs must incorporate the new federal requirements within three years (by June 2018) to maintain program approval.

Washington State currently has an approved UST program. This means that state law, not federal law, applies to regulated UST systems in the state (except for those in Indian country). This also means that many of the new requirements in the federal UST rule do not currently apply to UST systems in the state.

However, to maintain state program approval, the state’s requirements must be revised to be at least as stringent as the new federal requirements. Accordingly, Ecology plans to amend the state rule (Chapter 173-360 WAC) by EPA’s June 2018 deadline to incorporate any new federal requirements not already included in the state rule.

To view the new federal rules and learn more about the changes, visit:

Compliance with Operator Training Requirements  (click to show/hide)   

Visit our operator training webpage to learn more about operator training requirements and training opportunities.

Sources and Causes of UST Releases (click to show/hide)

Ecology collects data on the sources and causes of releases from underground storage tank (UST) systems in Washington State. Ecology is required to report this information under the Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2005. View the latest report.

* Check with your local city and county authorities to determine if there are additional requirements associated with your UST System(s).

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Photo:  Tank removal


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