1996 303(d) List for Washington State

The 1996 list is available for informational and reference use only.

Use the most recent 303(d) list to be approved by EPA for the purposes of writing discharge permits, watershed characterization, financial assistance funding, TMDL prioritization, and TMDL implementation.


The 1996 303(d) List is in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF file) forma. To view and/or print PDF files, you first will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Washington State’s 1998 303(d) List superseded the 1996 List. However, the 1996 List remains an important yardstick for tracking state progress in accomplishing water cleanup plans (TMDLs).

In 1991 the NW Environmental Advocates and the NW Environmental Defense Center sued EPA and Ecology over the slow pace of conducting TMDL studies and working to remove waters from the 303(d) List. A consent decree, signed into effect in 1998 between EPA and the environmental groups, used the 1996 List as the basis for scheduling TMDL work over the following 15 years. Ecology and EPA signed a Memorandum of Agreement as part of the consent decree committing Ecology to addressing 1,576 TMDLs on 666 waterbodies as listed in the 1996 303(d) List.







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Last updated January 2014