Issaquah Creek at May Valley RD.  Photo courtesy of Dave Garland, Dept. of Ecology.

2004 Contaminated Sediment Listings by Category

The 2004 list is available for informational and reference use only.

Use the most recent 303(d) list to be approved by EPA for the purposes of writing discharge permits, watershed characterization, financial assistance funding, TMDL prioritization, and TMDL implementation.

The Water Quality Assessment includes a list of contaminated sediment sites identified by the Toxic Cleanup Program based on the Contaminated Sediment Site List (CSSL) and SEDQUAL database. Water Quality listings are located separately.

Unless otherwise specified, the following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF file) format. To view and/or print PDF files, you first will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader from this link.

  1. Contaminated Sediment Listings by Category
    1. List of Category 5 Contaminated Sediments
    2. List of Category 4A Contaminated Sediments
    3. List of Category 4B Contaminated Sediments
    4. List of Category 2 Contaminated Sediments
    5. There are no listings for Category 4C or 1
  2. Information on Contaminated Sediment Listings
    1. Contaminated Sediment Listing Process for 2004
    2. Comparison of the 1998 Contaminated Sediment List with Category 5
    3. Sediment Cleanup Status Report 2005



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Last updated February 2009