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Water Quality Program

2014 Water Quality Assessment and 303(d) List for Washington State
Using Freshwater Data

Washington Submits 2014 Water Quality Assessment to EPA

View the 2014 Assessment:

Frequently Asked Questions on the Assessment

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Why do we do the Water Quality Assessment?

Why does Washington do a Water Quality Assessment and 303(d) List?

What happens if Washington does not do the 303(d) list?

Why has this Assessment been delayed?

How does this Assessment relate to the Human Health Criteria rulemaking currently underway?

How was the Draft Freshwater Assessment Developed?

What are the Assessment results based on?

What data did Ecology use to conduct this Assessment?

What will happen to any new data that was collected after December 2010 and submitted during this public review?

How can I review the Assessment Results?

What are these latest Assessment results telling us?

What percent of Washington’s Waters have been monitored?

Can you tell us how many miles of stream are polluted?

How do the proposed listings compare with the 2012 Assessment?

What are the reasons for the increased number of the proposed listings compared with the 2012 Assessment?

How has an increase in data affected the change in categories?

How has the change in segment systems affected the change in categories?

What are the number of 303(d) (Category 5) listings by pollutant?

How does the Assessment affect regulated dischargers to 303(d)-Listed waters?

How does the 303(d) list of polluted waters affect regulated dischargers?

How is permitting done when a facility is discharging to water that is 303(d) listed?

How will new discharges to a 303(d) listed waterbody segment be affected?

How are General Permits to a 303(d) listed waterbody segment affected?

For questions about the water quality assessment process, please contact:

Patrick Lizon
Water Quality Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Phone: 360-407-6782


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