Washington State Water Quality Assessment 305(b) Report

The Section 305(b) report is required by the Federal Clean Water Act. It describes the current conditions of the state's waters to the U.S. Congress and the public. It is a state-wide assessment of the status of all the state's waters, whereas the 303(d) list reports just on the impaired waters of the state.

Section 305(b) requires each state to prepare a water quality assessment report every two years. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compiles the information from the state reports and prepares a summary for Congress on the status of the nation’s waters.

Starting in 2000, EPA developed guidance for states that suggested combining the requirements of both 305(b) and 303(d) into one “Integrated Report.” The most recent integrated report guidance can be found on EPA’s web site at: http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/lawsguidance/cwa/tmdl/2006IRG_index.cfm.

The 2004 and 2008 303(d) list for Washington State combines the 305(b) reporting into a more comprehensive water quality assessment, following the EPA integrated report guidance. The State no longer publishes a separate 305(b) report, as these listings from 2004 to current are visible in the query tool.

Past 305(b) Reports:

If you have questions about the Section 305(b) Report, please contact Adam Oestreich at 360-407-6056 or by e-mail at: 303d@ecy.wa.gov.


Last updated January 2013